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HeadCount is the latest addition to Nortech's product offerings. The system and its components were purpose built to enable clients to count pedestrian traffic through large and small entrances and open spaces e.g. entrances to buildings and malls, passages & key points inside buildings, walkways and sidewalks, on station platforms. Neural network and laser technologies were combined to enable HeadCount to count in light and dark situations, inside and outside, in all weather conditions and during power-downs and blackouts, unlike competitors. Other systems, using adapted technologies such as video, can only do part of the job.

The HeadCount system is patented as it offers a cost effective counting solution in addition to its considerable performance-related advantages over other systems. It is designed to:

  • Count extremely accurately (99+%) on a daily basis
  • Protect and preserve data, even in cases of power-downs and computer crashes
  • Enable easy, safe, flexible and relatively inexpensive installation
  • Enable real time monitoring of count data
  • Integrate pedestrian count data with that of vehicle parking and other inputs such as sales
  • Allow simultaneous local, regional and central gathering of data
  • Provide remote and continuous diagnostic monitoring, preservation of data integrity, and rectification of faults
  • Provide regular formatted result reporting and analysis in addition to clients' own custom interrogations

For more information on HeadCount and the technology used please visit the official webpage located at www.headcountsystems.com

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