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PD139 Single Channel Detector

Ideally packaged for the automated gate and door industry, the card-based PD139 inductive loop vehicle detector incorporates all of the features and benefits of its boxed counterparts in the PD130 series.

It is no longer necessary to make compromises when selecting a detector for these door/gate applications - this compact microprocessor-based unit is suitable for them all.



· Parking barrier control.
· Motorised gates and doors.
· Vehicle access control.
· Industrial control applications.




·  Compact Size:

This compact "plug-in" card provides all of the industry requirements regarding features and functionality, and allows this detector to be incorporated into new or existing vehicle detection systems.

·  Selectable Permanent    Presence:

With this feature selected, the output of the presence relay will be maintained for an infinite period, thereby eliminating premature barrier/gate/door closure and possible vehicle damage.
·  Loop Isolation Protection:
The loop isolation transformer provides protection against lightning and transient damage and allows for operation with single point to ground sensor loops.
·  Loop Frequency Indication:

The possibility of crosstalk (interference) between adjacent loops/detectors can be determined by an integral frequency indication, and eliminated by changing the frequency settings.
·  Automatic Sensitivity
   Boost (ASB):

This feature facilitates the liable detection of large truck-trailer combinations and high-bed vehicles by automatically boosting the sensitivity to maximum on detection of a vehicle.
·  Selectable Relay Output     Configuration: A totally flexible selection of output configuration ensures that no compromises need to made.

·  Detect Filter:


Selection of the filter option will provide a finite turn-on delay, thus allowing small or fast-moving objects to pass over the loop undetected.
·  Loop Fault Monitor: The fault monitor signal becomes active in the event of the loop/ feeder combination becoming faulty, and will assist in localising faults during commissioning/ maintenance call-outs.

Using PD 139 Detector as an arming loop

PD139 - Technical Data

Self-tuning Range: 20 – 1500 µH
Sensitivity: Four step adjustable
High 0.02%L/L Med-High 0.05% L/L
Med-Low 0.1% L/L Low 0.05% L/L

Four step adjustable 12-80kHz
(Frequency determined by loop geometry)

Output Configuration: 2 Output relays
Relay 1 = Presence output
Relay 2 = Pulse output
Pulse Output Duration: Approx. 150 ms
Presence Time: 1 hour for 3% L/L or Permanent presence option
Operating Modes: 4-way Mode selector:
1. Limited presence/permanent presence
2. Pulse on detect/Pulse on undetect
3. Automatic Sensitivity Boost Off/On
4. Filter Off/On (2 second delay)
Indications: The following indication is provided:
Single Red LED – 4 states
1. Tuning-on steady, followed by flashed frequency count(x10kHz)
2. Undetect – off with short on pulse indicating power-on
3. Detect – on steady
4. Fault – on with short off pulse periods
Protection: Loop isolation transformer, zener diode clamping on loop inputs and gas discharge tube protection.
Power Requirements: 24V DC +/-15% Requirement – 1.1 VA max @ 24V DC
Output Relays:
Presence Relay – 1A @ 230V AC
(Rating and Change-over contacts (Fail-safe) Pulse
Type) Relay 1A @ 230V AC N/O contact (Non fail-safe)
Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +70°C (Circuit sealed against condensation)
Mechanical Detail:
Dimensions: 105mm x 68mm

Panel or plug-in

Connector: Molex 2145-A10-pin female
Accessory: Flying lead supplied

Wiring Information


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